Swooping Magpie Attack Map across Australia for 2013

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Magpie attack on Cyclist - Sydney Airport, Constellation Road, Mascot NSW 2020
I had passed the security gate and was riding towards the bike lockers that are located within the Qantas jet base when a magpie hit the back of my helmet and had several more goes at me before stupid me threw my keys at him and got em stuck in the tree. He left me alone once I put my bike in the locker. This little bugger is well known amongst the Qantas engineering cycling community in Sydney.

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Magpie attack on Cyclist - Cotter Road, Canberra ACT 2611
Cycling along bike lane/shoulder near new suburbs that are currently being built in as part of Molonglo estate. Bird swooped and went straight for upper cheek, next to eye. Drew blood straightaway. Second swoop was to ear on other side, also drew blood. Was then over as quickly as it started!

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174 Results
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