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Magpie attack on Cyclist - 502 Coxs River Road, Kanimbla NSW 2790
Made a U turn as the road turned into dirt a few km later and the same bird attacked me again when I cycled pass. It landed on my back. I got scared, left my balance and fell off my bike in a nasty crash at 30kph. Bike is wrecked. Got bruises and cuts everywhere. Bird landed on power lines and watched me suffer and shout at him! I was in a poor state. Fortunately a guy drove pass a minute later and took me to the nearest fire station for first aid. Called my wife to pick me up so my ride ended there thanks to magpies...

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Magpie attack on Cyclist - 31 Wrixon Avenue, Brighton East VIC 3187
There is one extremely agressive magpie around the corner of Wrixon Ave and Egan St Brighton East. He has swooped me at least 3o times and I can't avoid him as I live near. I've tried every technique and nothing works. But he hates cyclists most.

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174 Results
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