Swooping Magpie Attack Map across Australia for 2014

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Magpie attack on Cyclist - 7 King Street, Concord West NSW 2138
Came out of the railway tunnel, turned left towards Concord West station and POW got hit to the right side of the head. Claws scratched my cheek and drew blood. Got done by same Magpie on return journey, again got a scratch to the cheek.

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Magpie attack on Walker - 1-5 Durham Street, Mount Druitt NSW 2770
On corner of durham street and carlisle avenue, saw the bird flying straight to me screaming, gave it eye contact and it backed off but followed me till i went underneath the bridge, same thing happened to Sister, just be abit careful! maybe try take mount druitt road instead to get to beams avenue.

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1495 Results

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