Magpie attack on Cyclist - 16-20 Kennedy Street, Kingston ACT 2604


The mapie attacked me from behind as I was riding my bicycle. It kept on thumping me on my back at least 6 times. I could feel its claws through my top. The flapping of its wings and its frantic screams was all very eerie. I thought it would never end but I kept riding hoping it would stop. It then tried to peck my ear at which point I instinctively took my hand off the handle bar to shoo it off as a reflex action. The next thing I knew I went hurtling down on the path. I broke my right elbow, the radial neck. I've been off work for 4 weeks and just come out of the cast. The bone is still fractured and will take 8 weeks according to the orthopaedic doctor to heal. After that I have to have physio to rehabilitate the arm - I have very limited rotational foreman movement, can't drive for another 4 weeks and am still in pain. And I can only type with my other hand. So I'm very slow at work as I work at a computer all day. My bike came off badly too. The derailler was damaged and had to be repaired and the chain replaced. So it has been costly on all counts.

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