Magpie attack on Cyclist - 181 William Webb Dr, Evatt ACT 2617


Looks like the William Web wing fighter has commenced his swooping season. First reported attack last 2 years was 30 July both times, so reasonably consistent. He was perched in the reserve area between William Web Drive and and the bike path on the right as you go towards Ginninderra Drive. He had one swoop at a cyclist on the road. Not sure if he made contact or not, no apparent injury. I was walking the dog and was left alone. I have been swooped by this bird multiple times over the last couple of years when I am cycling, never when dog walking. He will swoop both the bike path and the road - depending which way he is facing. If you see a magpie perched on a lamp post by the road or power line over the bike path in this area, be prepared. Time to get my swoop-away hat out.

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Simon Brain picture

Simon Brain - September 28th, 2018

Hey Sue

He is a sod He usually chasses me all the way to the bottom of the hill.

Just keep my head down and bum up

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