Magpie attack on Walker - 59-61 Brunswick Circuit, Kaleen ACT 2617


I was walking to school when a magpie (I call it the tuxedo bird), came swooping above my head. I was listening to headphone so I didn't realize what just happen. I haven't experienced this before so I was just looking around to know if I'm the the target. so it did it again and swoop really fast close to my head. it was like it was intending to hit me then changed its mind at the last minute. I was wearing a hat so that may be the reason. I started walking a bit fast to get out of the area because i believed the bird is being territorial and I was freaking out a little since it's a first for me. it might came swooping to me a third time but I cant remember exactly. And since then I became very suspicious of trees and birds and started looking over my shoulder every time i'm walking.

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