Magpie attack on Walker - 73 Grubb Ave, Traralgon VIC 3844


I was out walking when suddenly a magpie flew down at me. I looked up and realised he was circling and coming back for a second attempt. I only had my phone with me and no head protection, so tried to get away from trees to avoid being near a nest it was protecting. My plan didn’t work and it managed to swoop me 6 times in all. I crossed the road and looked for a house where a person might be home, but ended up under someone’s front verandah. I was going to call my husband to pick me up, when a car with two ladies who had seen me being swooped stopped and very kindly drove me home.

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Abbie Witton picture

Abbie Witton - November 22nd, 2018

I was attacked here last year, not injured just touched my head slightly - and it attempted a few times

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