Magpie attack on Cyclist - 60 Vale Rd, South Bathurst NSW 2795


This magpie too exception to me enjoying an afternoon ride and came soundlessly from behind before launching a repeated attack with plenty of beak clapping, swooping and squawking. Dangerous as the Perthville Rd is quite busy and as it was a vehicle was coming up beside me. No doubt it caused much amusement to the driver but I was less than amused. Yes, you guessed it, I had to return along the same road and yes, I was targeted again. This time I was expecting it and while it was coming in for the attack, I madly waved my hand which kept it at bay,,,,, just. This is a new one to me and it's first year attacking. No doubt a young male marking its status. Riders beware as it attacks silently before making it's presence known resulting in quite a scare! Also beware of the traffic in case you swerve from fright into the path of a following vehicle.

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