Tasmania Swooping Magpie Attack Map - 2016

Beware resulted in injury!

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Tasmania Swooping Magpie Attack Map - 2016

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Magpie attack on Person - 15 Queens Walk, New Town TAS 7008
My daughter was swooped twice from the only magpie around at the time the second time it swooped it stole her food right from her hand she fell over and had a small scrape. She was stunned and a little scared. We were at the park playing.

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Magpie attack on Walker - E Derwent Hwy, Bridgewater TAS 7030
There are a number of magpies along this walking track that are very aggressive almost year round. Have been chased for hundreds of metres by these birds, swooped and snapped at and now stay well away from this track for this reason alone.

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5 Results

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