Product Review: SWOOP AWAY!


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SWOOP AWAY is a very simple and ingenious new product by local Aussie inventor Mike Wignall that protects you from magpies and also from the sun!

The product is worn under a cycling or activity helmet and has a wide-brim to which aims to stop the birds from pecking the face and neck, in my opinion it's great for both young and us oldies.

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It also has the added benefit of keeping the sun off too which as a father of 9 year old twins it's something they can wear right through to autumn while they are out on their bikes.

Easily fits to your cycling helmet

product fitting diagram

The brim has a small side band that sits within the helmets' lining, with specially designed slits that allow the chin straps through to hold the Swoopaway brim in place.

SPECIAL OFFER! for readers

SWOOP AWAY have offered to give away 1 Swoopaway brim FREE to first 100 orders placed on their website!! All you have to do is use the coupon code "Magpie Alert" for your order.
Limited to 1 free swoopaway brim each order and a single use per customer.

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