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Australia's social website to track aggressive magpies in your area. If you are a cyclist, walker, runner or maybe a concerned member of the public then help protect others and share swooping magpie attacks on-line here!

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What's On MagpieAlert in 2018?

In 2018 you can continue to login using your Facebook, Google, Twitter accounts and this year we've also introduced a service which allows you to create your own user accounts on By signing up you get:

This year we've removed anonymous recording of attacks due to instances of abuse of the service by a number of anonymous posters. This has driven the creation of secure user account functionality allowing you to create your own user accounts to access and register swoops to MagpieAlert.

Magpies are protected throughout Australia, and it is against the law to kill the birds, collect their eggs, or harm their young. If you feel a magpie is a serious menace, it should be reported to your local council. The aim of this service is to help members of the community avoid the over agressive birds by reporting them here.

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Latest Magpie Attacks Across Australia

Magpie attack on Walker - 1 Marwood St, Belmont QLD 4153
Walking on the south side of the road. 3 magpies swooped. Gently though and with less force than usual for this group. As I waited for the bus around the corner I saw main magpie sitting on the power lines watching up and down Belmont Road

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Magpie attack on Walker - 457 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004
On 10th July Tuesday around 9 am, something suddently swooped from my right side of forehead and then it went away. i felt a pressure on my right foreahead just above right eye brow at that moment and some eye pain and cant open my right eyes and my right eyes got some tears out. i didnt even realize it was a bird. i didnt see anything fell into the ground. When I showed my eyes to my work colleague that morning, the right bottom of eye conjunctiva was red and congested. This morning around 9 am 11 July 2018, I sighted a bird with black and white color inside the fence of the Wesley college and realized it is a magpie bird that my work colleague mentioned.

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Your Stories

Jonny safe from cycling

I faced off against the M7 magpie and won!

I was on my usual 60km Sunday cycle route, cycling minding my own business when suddenly there was a snapping at my ear. I put my foot to the pedals and sped up, he came back for more and eventually gave up after about 150m.

Read what happens of my return journey...

Did my cable tied cycling helmet work?

Well did my cable tied helmet work? Having been attacked the previous week I'm not afraid to admit that I was a wee bit hesitant!

Read the full story here...

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