About MagpieAlert.com

This season we have seen a massive interest in our national community website, magpiealert.com so here's some further information.

Aim of the website

Is simply by recording our magpie swoops on a map we can all help others to avoid the dangerous birds. The website also gathers information on the attack: the position (lat/long), a description, date/time, what activity was taking place and whether an injury resulted.

How did it all get started?

Well it all started a couple of years ago in 2013 after getting swooped whilst out on my bike. I got home and started searching the internet for information on attack prevention and perhaps somewhere I could register the attack.

M7 aggressive magpie

I found a number of websites, mostly local government sites warning about magpies. I then came across the odd cycling club website with magpie swoops recorded, but nothing in my area and nothing across Australia.

So the idea of www.magpiealert.com was born as a place where anyone across Australia can come and register their swoops to pre-warn others.

All about me

Jon Clark

Well I'm Jon Clark, a forty something, cough, husband to Mrs. Clark and father to 11 year old twins.

I've been building commercial websites since '96 - yes websites go back that far back in time kids, albeit they were a bit grey then! My current full-time day job is now as an IT Manager for a large Australian Supermarket based in Sydney..

I'm a bit geeky and passionate about the Internet. I loved designing & building this website and glad to use my technical skills to give something back to our community.

I love cycling, and have done since my first bike from Father Christmas in the mid 70's! I'm a keen runner too, although I mainly do it to help keep up with the twins!

I fund magpiealert.com myself which is why this year I'm asking for your kind donations to help keep the service running - As magpiealert becomes more and more popular then so does the demand for the service along with an increasing running costs.

Please Donate!

If you find MagpieAlert useful and want to see the service next year then please donate a small amount to help me cover the costs. Thank you!


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