Swooping Magpie Attack Map across Australia for 2014

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Magpie attack on Walker - 77-79 Fitzroy St S, Altona Meadows VIC 3028
I was walking from Laverton station to home when I got attacked multiple times (almost everyday coming back to home or going from home, morning and afternoon) on Fitzroy street and Tomkin Court in Altona Meadows. I have seen attacks on one or two people in the same area.

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Magpie attack on Cyclist - 19-23 Carlingford Road, Epping NSW 2121
Cycled through Kent street, Epping. Magpie followed me for 3 blocks and swooped multiple times, beak made contact with my helmet. Today, cycled down a different road, Boronia Avenue. again swooped by a magpie. No contact this time but still concerning. Got off my bike and walked. Swooped once or twice after.

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1495 Results
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