Magpie attack on Cyclist - Car Dealership, 15 Josephson St, Belconnen ACT 2617


I had just dropped my car off at Nissan service area on Oatley Circ Belconnen and rode my bike on the footpath between Oatley Court and Park St. The magpie swooped four or five times along the pathway that joins the two roads and hit each time just below the helmet. He stopped when I turned the corner onto Nettlefold St. He did connect with my ear and drew blood.

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Jason D - November 1st, 2019

I was attacked by the same one a couple weeks ago, on the bike too. It attacked me about 4 times and drew blood on my left cheek/jaw bone and my right ear. This one really knows how to hurt people! I called Access Canberra about it and ACT Parks North Depot called me back. They know of the magpie and said it didn't attack them so I said they should go back with a bike, which they said they would. They asked me to send them photos of my injuries to

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Graham L - November 1st, 2019

That's the worst magpie in Canberra. He attacked me in a similar way on December 1 last year - out of the swooping season. I think a ranger should provide a location somewhere where there are no cyclists :-)

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