Magpie attack on Cyclist - Norbrik T-Way, Glenwood NSW 2768


I was riding along the cycleway when I happened upon a sign that said "Beware of swooping birds" I thought "hmm that's interesting". Next thing I hear a rustling to my left hand side, oh no it's a magpie. I shoo the angry bird away, it doesn't work, it attacks me on my right hand side now, relentless swooping. I continue to shoo it away with my right hand, OK it's gone phew that was close, it really could have caused some damage. I take a glance behind, the attack is not over, it's chasing me down, so I pedal faster, somehow it's gaining on me. In a regretful move I slam on my breaks in an attempt to go on the offence, I nearly come off my bike. I immediately gather it up and pedal fast to the Norbrik rd intersection. At this point the bird is staring me down as it's perched on the "Norwest Business Park" sign. A couple in a car waiting at the lights are pissing themselves laughing, I can't blame them really it must have looked hilarious.

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