Magpie attack on Cyclist - 1146 State Route 23, Cannon Hill QLD 4170


Riding outbound swooped from the right. Swooped 3 times between red rooster and the Northcliffe st lights.

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Clash - September 6th, 2020

This is a particularly nasty maggie. Goes from the side. Attacked me about the middle of August with me going towards the Minnippi bike circuit. Blooded.

Decided this week to try the opposite of the road on the path (side of the shops). Attacked three times. No noise from this wee bastard but no injury this time.

Missed out the Wynnum Road yesterday and went straight up towards the Gateway Bridge and turned right to get to the Minnippi cycleway. Hah: beat your ya bastirt.

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John W - August 13th, 2020

I was attacked at the same location, today (13 Aug) at about 9:30. Due past experiences and your report, I was riding inbound, slowly, on the northern footpath. It attacked my helmet, once from behind and then landed in a front yard beside me. I spent some time "chatting" to the bird before proceeding on foot for about 50 metres before remounting. The magpie left me alone and fortunately I didn't loose any blood this time.

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