Magpie attack on Cyclist - 33 Mcwhae Cct, Wanniassa ACT 2903


Second attack in 3 minutes cycling. This is a known hot spot over many years also so always on the lookout. It is right where Longmore Cres path branches to either go to Erindale Centre or follow Sternberg Crescent if going south. Saw him on the light pole and sure enough he made about 4 passes hopping from tree to tree as I went up the hill but veered off each time. I note from this attack and the previous one 3 minutes earlier and several others this year, if the holographic tape on the helmet, in lieu of useless cable ties, has some merit. The magpies have seemed to keep a bit of distance rather than coming in very close or actually making contact. Maybe some other cyclists can use the tape so an anecdotal view can be formed??

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