Unconventional - but it works so far!


Having to run the gauntlet of 2 magpies on my morning commute from Gladesville to North Ryde I was interested in a colleague's suggestion that I try attaching a wig to my helmet - something she had seen a guy do on YouTube.

I tried this out this morning - a big black curly wig perched on my helmet - looking a bit like Sideshow Bob. Didn't see Magpie number 1 at all - Magpie number 2 was definitely there - making a great deal of protest noise in the bush - but he stayed away. 100% success even with this small sample size.

Looking forward to replicating the experiment tomorrow and happy to give my fellow road users a bit of a laugh.


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James McGregor - October 19th, 2017

You were flattened. It did not go well for you.

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Lua - September 8th, 2017

Thanks heaps for posting this.

A demonstration on Youtube showed a cyclist getting attacked while wearing a helmet, but he didn't get attacked when he wasn't wearing a helmet.

Due to safety and the helmet law, I always use a helmet.

Magpie attacks terrify me and ruin my fun when cycling. I'm constantly paranoid and always watching my back.

I had this thought today... would a wig over my helmet work?

Your post has further encouraged me to try this out.

Fingers crossed.

Wish me luck.
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Vermontcreekbed - October 2nd, 2015

About 3 years ago after losing my balance and crashing during a magpie swoop I looked for some ways of deterring attacks. I did come across that YouTube video with the Afro wig and decided to give it a go. After hitting the bitumen at about 30km per hour and getting cut up badly I put off doing the test for sometime. A couple of weeks ago I was swooped in Vermont South by a regular swooping magpie. After that I worked up the courage to test out the wig and last Sunday I put it on just before the swooping area. No swoops!

Ok just to make sure I had to pass that section but from a different angle. I had been swooped before from that angle as well. There were a few magpies feeding on the oval and as I approached one took off and moved to what looked like an attack position in a tree. I was wearing the wig again but this time expecting a failure. Well there was nothing, either the magpie has forgotten me or the wig worked.

Some may ask why I did not ride past without the wig to confirm the result. My answer to that is that after coming down heavily on the road I really am a wimp that does not like to be swooped.
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Margo - September 20th, 2015

That's hilarious. Can you share a photo of yourself in the fancy head gear?

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