A Prevention Measure that Works for Me!


I've read many suggestions on how to protect a cyclist's head from swooping bird strikes like putting sunglasses on the back of the helmet to look like eyes and attaching electrical cable ties to the top of the helmet.

I've been running the gauntlet with a magpie lark on a local street for about 5 years. Cable ties have kept me free of injury but I still get startled from time to time when 'bombed'!

I recently purchased a relatively expensive Black Diamond headtorch for bushwalking. Apart from white LEDs, the lamp has twin red LEDs that are reasonably powerful. It seemed to me that twin red LEDs might look like eyes to a swooping bird. The first swooping event for 2016 occurred on 1Sep. Since then I have had the headtorch on the back of the helmet. Watching my shadow on the ground I can see the bird coming in for a swoop but it breaks off (most times without a squawk) many metres from my head.

At last I seem to have an infallible solution, at least for my local magpie lark.

There is one minor drawback with this solution. The lamp is a high powered unit with 4 AAA batteries therefore its mass is higher than base model headtorches. The mass modestly disturb the 'balance' of the helmet on my head.

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teddy326 - September 18th, 2019

Good idea.

I found a couple of headtorches on ebay with flashing red SOS mode.

LED Hands Free Headlamp Headlight Flashlight With Flashing Red Emergency Lights

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