Little to No Swooping on Main Roads?


Main Roads. Noisy, Bright and vehicles travelling at speed, probably not the best conditions for a bird or magpie, let alone a person to live. In my findings in cycling around suburban streets and main roads, I get swooped countless times within only 1 suburban block whereas I can ride kilometres on a main road and no swoops or even a trace of a bird in sight.

Yes, you do have to breathe in some pollution (which is bad for your health, its a potential carcinogen, I dont like it myself) but if you do have to travel somewhere by bike or on foot, it is a tradeoff between breathing in the pollution (if that bothers you) and getting annoyingly swooped.

This is just what I found. Stay safe around magpies and try to limit breathing in pollution. -tman

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Mokaz02 - October 10th, 2018

In my suburb the main roads have tree lined nature strips, forests and parklands, which are magpie hotspots during the swooping season. I usually have to go through quieter patches of road which have residential buildings to go safely.
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Bruce Gray - September 10th, 2018

hmm... magpies swoop on main roads, definitely.

If it happens less, it is because there's probably less suitable trees beside main roads for them to claim ownership of.

I've been hit hard on a main road as an large articulated semi was passing me (I thought the truck had hit me!).

And yesterday I was hit on Sandgate Road Brisbane at least 5 times over 80 meters with 3 lanes of traffic moving beside me.

As for not being afraid of magpies, you no doubt have not seen the damage they can do. As they get wiser season to season, they get smarter, and more dangerous. They begin to attack eyes directly rather than hit you from behind in the head/helmet. I've got a collection of photos for anyone who doesn't believe this. One guy had penetrating eye injuries to both eyes. and he was wearing sunglasses. Every year at least a dozen kids around Australia have their vision compromised by magpies. They need to be taken more seriously.

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Carolyn M - September 6th, 2018

I have to disagree with this; I live on a busy main road (eight-lane highway) which has stacks of traffic, and there’s an aggressive magpie right outside my apartment block that has been swooping me for years every morning and evening, he’s relentless!! I’m not the only one I’ve seen him swoop either. I love magpies but now I’ve got an anxiety issue because of this over-protective father 🙁

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James McGregor - October 19th, 2017

I do not fear magpies at all, Nor should any human. We are all created equally.

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Michelle A - October 2nd, 2017

I wish I had the same experience - I've been swooped a lot on main roads in Canberra, although not right in the heart of the city.

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