Scatter dry cat or dog food can help


If you frequent an area where you get swooped take a handful of small dog or cat biscuits and scatter them as you go past. If the magpies recognise you as a food source you will not be treated as a threat.

They are extremely smart and do recognise individuals in their area so a peace offering of food works well.

(D Anderson)

Jan picture

Jan - November 8th, 2017

Years ago my husband's uncle owned a farm in NSW. He demonstrated to my husband (then a child) just how intelligent magpies are. They went to his orchard and there were magpies everywhere picking out grubs from fallen fruit. He picked up a stick off the ground and pointed it at the magpies and they didn't react at all. Then he picked up some kind of tool that he used on the farm and pointed it at them. Again the magpies ignored him. Then in exactly the same way he picked up his rifle and every magpie took off.

A magpie attacked my husband today as he walked from the house to the garage. It then sat on the fence and watched him through the window. Two hours later that maggie was still there and attacked him as he walked back to the house. We could almost hear the maggie's thoughts... "come out if you dare!" *LOL*
Victor Bzz picture

Victor Bzz - October 23rd, 2017


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