So far 100% success but plastic spikes.


Me and my kids love Aug/Sept time for riding our bikes because of the temperature.

We often can't because of magpies swooping. We are riding bikes and waving a stick is dangerous. I have read of kids getting run over because of this in their panic.

Also kids losing eye site from maggies.

My child's life I hold alot higher than a bird protecting it's nest and no I don't have time to feed the 30+ nests in my afternoon ride route. So we took the idea from the retired guy at Sandgate and built on it. We cut up ice cream containers for front and rear, sides and top. So far I have not been attacked once. The birds squawk and carry on but refuse to swoop. These spikes are very sharp and if the maggie were to impact at speed it will be impailed, especially on the double plastic pieces.

I have even hung out around their nest tree and the birds refuse to come near me. We now ride with confidence everywhere and even get cheers from people as we ride around the neighbourhoods.

There is one super evil maggie at Chermside I am yet to try this out but I feel confident. My kids also feel confident as we know if the bird is dumb enough to swoop and make contact then it will get hurt. The birds are not even leaving their branch, they run away from us and sharpen their beaks but won't attack us. Me and the kids are making a youtube video with go pro footage of us in the danger locations. We saw others get swooped whilst the birds would fly away from us when they saw us.


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Kikayk8 - September 11th, 2020

I wanted to know the update on this lol! Is it effective? What about the evil maggie at Chermside? Did your helmet scare it off?

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Cha cha - August 28th, 2020

That’s very smart and I am definitely going to try it. We have a crazy aggressive magpie near us and it is sooooo scary to ride past there even with cable ties on my helmet. Thanks for the good advise. 😃😃

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Patrick - September 1st, 2019


I’m a cyclist and I am a magpie magnet! A good trick I use to prevent the magpies from getting to my eyes is wearing glasses.

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