Best defence against magpies.


Safety tip: On my property which is large, I've fed the magpies regularly and they have no issues with me (trust has been gained). However, it's a different story when they don't know you. Crazy helmet designs just seem to make them more anxious that you are a threat. An umbrella seems to work the best as they cannot see you (the threat) from behind and they wont attack from the front. Has taken 4 years to work this out sadly via trial & error, but it's about the most efficient way of not being attacked!

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Frances Manie - November 25th, 2020

Super clever magpies! Just suggested feeding to befriend on another comment. Also not a fan of the crazy spike approach- saw on a cycling site that if you make a crest shape with your fingers (fingers spread, palm on side of helmet) this can work just as well). Planning to try out a similar shape made from that bird scare reflector stuff for next year. Fingers crossed it works and regarless, it won’t look as ridiculous nor vicious as the spikes!

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Lulu S - August 28th, 2019

An umbrella is definitely the way to go! Excellent advice!

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