Do Magpies Swoop In The Rain?


I love my riding and this year I seem to be a magpie magnet. I was hit four times last weekend. It was a constant ambush on the back of the helmet. I found that playing music out loud on my phone sort of worked. But anyway, any experience on magpies swooping in the rain?

Tomorrow is forecast to be heavy rain, now that doesn't bother me, but does it bother the magpies? I cannot find anything online about it. Do people have experience of magpies in the rain?


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The_Batman - October 4th, 2021

Im convinced they target red heads more !
Gary Clarke picture

Gary Clarke - August 23rd, 2021

Yes magpies are relentless & attack no matter the weather. What really frustrates me though is some people whether they are walking or riding seem to be untouchable & yet I'm a magnet as you are. Ps really hate this time of year

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Matthew T - October 4th, 2020

Use a treadmill in spring
Sasha Pursell picture

Sasha Pursell - October 2nd, 2020

I got swooped in the rain 😢😢

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