Yeppoon Cycling Tips And Tricks


When you are cycling in Yeppoon, there are two vicious magpies swooping

1. Towards the roundabout, in the trees

2. At the public access to the beach

Here are three tips to stop them killing you when you are riding

1. put zip ties on your helmet, then put some meat on the top, then they will take the meat

2. shake your head, that way if they come in to swoop you, they will get hit

3. walk, don't run. Raise your hand


Gary Clarke picture

Gary Clarke - August 23rd, 2021

Regarding point number 3 I find that is really the most effective way to simply get off your bike,walk whilst turning my head to face the magpie with my arm raised high. Sure the magpie will see this as a threat & probably become more persistent however from my experience by doing this no magpie has launched a full scale attack on me other than just to swoop whilst keeping a distance. I believe if I didn't take these measures I would almost certainly be attacked or I would at least lose control of my bike & fall off.
Victoria Michael picture

Victoria Michael - October 13th, 2020

Been to Yeppoon...there's a few spots. The road into Keppel bay marina...very aggressive bird.

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