Helmet mods to deter the aerial foe


So here is my contribution about helmet modification. After reading various attack remedies here, I thought why not try some different ideas myself.

My rides are often 80k+ crisscrossing Sydney and suburbia. Maggie attacks are frequent and nerve racking but part of the outing in Spring.

Cable ties have been my "go too" over the years but alas my opponents are gaining the upper hand.

So ….

Modification 1: A bright Zetco 80 rear light mounted towards back of helmet. It lasts about 5 hours and in full strobe can be blinding in daylight.

Modification 2: Two half circle mirrors contoured and curved above the ears. The mirrors are ex computer HDD polished aluminium. Attached to the helmet with double sided velcro for quick removal. (DVD and CD's just not suitable when you start cutting the shape)

The cable ties have been shortened and minimised. Now for a ride.


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