Battle of Bulcock


In the heart of downtown Caloundra QLD a daily battle rages. Residents of this sleepy little community find themselves the spectators of a twice daily struggle between good and evil as the local postman, who in my opinion deserves the Australia Post employee of the year award, fights to complete his deliveries. Others who dare to make the trip along the same stretch of road are mysteriously immune. The battle is his ... and his alone!

Filmed by Jaime Buchanan

PostEnduro picture

PostEnduro - August 31st, 2016

Unfortunately Posties are very limited on time during their runs. Its best just to keep on trucking and get the mail in the street done, whilst putting up with Magpies, than to stop and win them over.
Gummy picture

Gummy - September 2nd, 2015

Sounds extreme, but it works. If the postie has some mince in a plastic bag and leave some out in the areas where the attacks happen (let the magpies see you do it), I promise the attacks will stop. The magpies will see him as a friend not as a threat. It works, it really works.

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