Cycle story: I faced off against the evil M7 cycle path magpie and won!


Any thoughts or knowledge around when swooping is worst??? As in time of day. I have read some articles saying they're a roosting bird so (in theory) would be asleep in the dark. \r\nDoes anybody have any experience on this??

Also i have found the stopping and hopping off your bicycle and walking the bike / maintain eye contact whilst theyre swooping, they actually do stop and leave.


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Fanta - September 27th, 2020

I’d do the same thing.
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Ryan Madigan - February 17th, 2016

Werner, I'm sure your'e aware that Magpies are a protected species in Australia; not only is it illegal to throw rocks at Magpies, throwing rocks encourages aggressive behaviour. As Magpies can live for 25 years, they will remember that people are hostile and worthy of attack.
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Robbo - October 1st, 2015

If you look at the verge of the path leading up to the danger zone, you will see dried out stems of tall weeds and such. My mate and I were swooped on the way south, so we picked one up (about 4 foot long) each and rode with them held to the bar and over the shoulder. The bugger swooped, but didn't get too close :)
John Cumming picture

John Cumming - September 14th, 2015

Yep. That's what you do alright. :-)

Their call changes to an agressive raspy sound at nesting time, so when I hear one I find it, glare at it, and shout stuff like "go on yer >&(^" mongerel" and follow it to the next tree and so on until it flies off. heh heh heh. :)
Werner Schott picture

Werner Schott - July 15th, 2015

Yes I've met this fellow before. Perched on lamppost or flies in furiously from the tip. On my way back I pocketed a couple of rocks. When I saw him, he started flying from the tip to meet me but instead met with ground to air artillery that swished past him. The chicken then did a 180 deg turn and hastily retreated. About Oct 2014.

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