40yrs of being Attacked Enough is Enough!


I have lived on the Gold Coast for 40 yrs and have been attacked since I was 12 yrs old riding to school. Enough is Enough!

These birds are down right dangerous and unpredictable.

The experts say move from the area quickly or go another way. Bolony! The bird is ONLY protecting their nest.

I ask, What if this is the only path? or What if the alternate route is also guarded by another bird. (I have even been constantly attack by a crow guarding a bridge!)

The quicker you move the more the bird swoops.

I am not attacking the nest! I say re educate the bird and tell it cyclists are not attacking your nest.<

Try crossing the road on your bike, look around for any cars coming before crossing the road and find a bird swooping directly in your face!

The experts say only 10% of the male magpie population attacks. Why can't we move the offending bird? From what I have heard the experts say the female will find a replacement male.


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Cha cha - August 28th, 2020

Everyone has really good reasons in this I say, if you want to feed them, feed them, if you don’t then don’t and go around the area or try something else like putting a wig over your helmet or flashing lights and eyes.
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Gazza - September 1st, 2019

To the man from the gold coast I would like to support what you said & I'm with you 100%.

I get tired of these so called experts that come out every year with All this good advice as well as criticised people like us as if we are in the wrong.

You know they actually try to defend the magpie by suggesting that you can't blame the bird if it doesn't make contact with you & therefore your At fault if you fall over & cause injury to yourself.

I've had a lot of near misses while riding my bike still it hasn't stopped me from falling over because just the very presence of A potential bird Attack is enough to unnerve you & affect your concentration.



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James McGregor - October 19th, 2017

I will KO a magpie with every opportunity I get; anywhere, anytime.
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Peter H - September 26th, 2015


Again I repeat my above comment. People who feed magpies exacerbate the problem by increasing the population (a pigeon egg of mince is a lot for an animal that eats worm size portions). It also sets up a dependence that can be cruel if the feeding stops. And again why bother protecting magpies if you are happy to kill a cow to feed the magpie. They are not in the numbers they exist in our urban environment native- they are part of the that environment we have created. Like red-back spiders, if these animals interfere with our lives and particularly with that of our kids we should simply kill them - and certainly we should not encourage them..
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Peter H - September 12th, 2015

In the 70s ACT parks rangers had a licence to discharge a firearm to destroy dangerous animals including Magpies - I have yet to read any sensible argument against continuing that practice. . We don't tolerate violence by people but some people have this sentimental attitude to dangerous animals. Magpies in urban areas are not in a national park - they live in a garden we have created and their numbers are much greater than in any extra urban environment. . Feeding magpies mince might help the feeder at the time but it also disrupts the natural feeding cycle and will lead to more magpies. If you are happy enough to have a cow or pig killed to make mince meat why not just kill dangerous magpies and let us all get on with active healthy outdoor lives the way we used to?
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David Manion - September 12th, 2015

I think you miss understand my attitude towards Magpies. I don't hate them just hate what they do. I live with a Magie family outside my home.

I observed a pair of Magies for about 7yrs nesting in a park opposite my home office window. They never attached me nor my family but WOW did they attached some people!

From August to November. Each attach was always random, ignoring people one minute then 1 hr latter going crazy and nailing children to the ground not giving them a chance to get up.The Magie attached from the front ,side rear you name it. As soon as they crossed the Magpie line it was on. (If Magie was in a bad mood)

As for your comment feeding the bird.

Not possible when one is riding along and bang from no were you are the target unexpectedly. You may say come back the next day and try feeding the bird. Try riding a bike for 4 hrs and keep mince fresh, let alone were to store it and then feed 2 or 3 attacking birds on your ride!

Further more, feeding the wild life is not a good idea, the animals then become reliant on us feeding them. What happens if we go on holiday or move? Who will feed the animal then? It will starve if it hasn't learnt how to hunt prior us feeding it.

I like the wild life, I just think the birds that attack should be moved and we have the right to defend yourselves.
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Gummy - September 2nd, 2015

My daughter kept being attacked on her way to school - so I understand your pain and frustration. This may sound silly, but try having a small amount of mince (about the size of a pigeon egg) with you and as the bird approaches hold out your hand, then throw the mince on the road. Magpies do not attack if you (or someone in the neighbourhood is feeding them) The magpie will eat the mice (they LOVE it) and I promise they will leave you alone. You may even begin to like them!

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