Magpies and MagpieAlert in the News

These past seasons we have seen a massive interest in magpie swooping across our national media, be it TV, radio, newspapers or blogs they've all been busy reporting our problematic avian friends.

The Guardian - It was terrifying’: swooping magpies alarm world road championship cyclists

Several top riders scared by local birds in Wollongong. ‘That’s Australia, apparently,’ says Belgium’s Remco Evenepoel...
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RACV - Magpie swooping season has arrived: here’s how to protect yourself

Spring means the birds are singing… and swooping. Here’s what you need to know, and how to protect yourself this swooping season. There are few birds that inspire such seasonal infamy as the Australian magpie...
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Channel 7 News - Magpies to be culled in Lane Cove Council after spate of attacks

A pair of rogue magpies on a leafy street in Sydney’s lower north shore are set to be culled following a spate of attacks and dozens of complaints from residents...
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Clarence Valley Independent - Feathers fly during swooping season

It may sound like a peculiar thing to shout, especially when you’re referring to another bird, but it is important to take extra care when out and about at this time of year..
read article here - Swoop maps track aggressive magpies across Australia

As a terrifying new swooping season is upon us, there are some new resources to protect Aussies from being attacked by aggressive birds..
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Channel 7 The Morning Show - Swooping magpie safety tips: How to avoid an attack this swooping season

Video from The Morning Show
watch article here - Map shows where magpies are swooping this season

Magpie season is upon us. Here are the places to avoid and the ways to protect yourself from being attacked...
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7 News - Magpie swooping season takes flight early following unseasonably warm winter

Walkers, runners and cyclists beware - magpie swooping season is upon us...
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The Sydney Morning Herald - Terror in the trees: Sydney's angriest magpie revealed

They attack from behind, swoop from the sky and can single out victims for repeated bombardments over successive years..
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The Riot Act - Magpie swooping season commences as warm weather approaches

Public service announcement — magpie swooping season has started!
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Canberra Times - Brace yourself, Canberra: magpie swooping season begins

When bird breeding season starts in spring and angry magpies start indiscriminately swooping at the innocent - kids, dogs, cyclists - Canberrans may be left wondering whether Hitchcock's nightmares came true.
read article here - Dash cam records magpie dive-bombing driver’s windshield

Spring is on its way and that means the magpies are coming for us...
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Magpie swooping season has begun early this year: Danger zones revealed

While magpies are generally innocent creatures for most of the year, most Australians know that the birds can become particularly vicious when protecting their young..
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IF you like walking or riding your bike and keeping your eyes and scalp intact, we’ve got some bad news for you..
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Hit 104.1 Today - These Are The Worst Suburbs For Magpie Swooping Attacks In Sydney

Where have you been swooped...?
read article here - Magpie Attack Season Is Here And We Need To Talk Survival Plans

That’s right — magpie season has started early this year, and the aerial menaces are not ****** around...
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RIOT ACT - Swooping alert: Magpie parenting has Canberrans on the run

You are out walking on a lovely sunny day when a wooshing noise starts above your head. Woosh, woosh, WOOOSSHHHH
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Channel 10 news - The Dangerous Side to Spring

We took part in the news report.
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Sydney Broadsheet - Look Up! Magpie Swooping Season Starts Early

'Tis the season … to duck. Here's why they’re running rampant and how to avoid them..
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Channel 9 Today Show - Mad Pies

I was invited in to the Channel 9 studio to chat about and tips on how to survive swooping season.
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Channel 9 Today - ANGRY BIRDS

I was invited in to the Channel 9 studio to chat about
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It’s a time where we can see summer and the end of the tunnel.. but also comes with fear for many people in Sydney as it’s MAGPIE SEASON...
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THE HUFFINGTON POST - A Magpie Swooping Trick You Probably Haven't Heard Of Yet

Hands up if you've been swooped by a magpie. Australians trade stories of these wild squawking, scalp clawing, blood drawing bird encounters as though they're a right of passage..
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Junkie - This Magpie Map Will Help You Avoid Australia’s Most Insidious And Demented Air Beasts

TWhen people around the world talk about Australian wildlife, their voices are hushed as they describe the horrific crocodiles, deadly spiders which are the size of human hands..
Read article here - Interactive 'magpie map' lets you know where dive-bombing birds of death are found

THE end of winter means Aussies will no longer need worry about the cold, although it does mark the beginning of a far more dangerous threat...
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891 ABC Adelaide - Swooping magpie locations plotted on national map using social media

A map-based website will see social media users plot locations of swooping magpies nationally to help people safely negotiate this upcoming breeding season..

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Mashable - being murdered by a magpie

You may not know this, but there's an annual, bird-related event in Australia that's so hellish it gets it's own name; Magpie Season. This time around however, an interactive map is helping users avoid getting pecked by collating social media data, to document magpie attacks and provide friendly warnings in real time..

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Courier Mail - Magpies in for bumper season as mild winter brings more chicks

WE’RE in for a long magpie-swooping season that could go all the way to Christmas...

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104.5 MMM - Brisbane's Top Horror Spots For Magpie Swoopings!

After personally being swooped yesterday, it's safe to say that magpie swooping season is among us and the reign of terror has well and truly begun...

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Sunshine Coast Daily - Cyclists, walkers face long magpie dive-bombing season

QUEENSLAND'S mild winter could result in one of the longest magpie swooping seasons on record. Griffith University behavioural ecologist Darryl Jones has predicted a bumper mating season for the dive-bombing birds, the Courier-Mail reports...

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Melbourne Leader - Magpie swooping hot spots emerge as breeding season heats up

A WOMAN narrowly escaped serious injury after a dive-bombing bird pecked her near the eye in St Kilda last week..

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The New Bayside - Magpie danger zones on site

SPRING has sprung and so have magpies who swoop cyclists, joggers and walkers at this time of year in the mistaken belief people pose a danger to their newly born nesting offspring.

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7 News Sydney - Warnings about magpies attacking children afternoon an attack on young boy in East Gosford.

A string of playground attacks has left several children injured – one nearly losing an eye – after being pecked by a magpie on the Central Coast, with doctors are urging parents to be vigilant. Amanda Abate reports.

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Warnings after swooping magpie gouges kids’ eyes

A leading Sydney eye surgeon is urging parents to be extra cautious this spring, after four kids were attacked by an aggressive swooping magpie in a NSW playground.

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Magpie swooping season has Canberra on alert

To better prepare Canberrans for the nesting season, ACT Parks and Conservation has released a video outlining tips and advice on how best to avoid being swooped...

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MagpieAlert talks to Kinderling conversations for parents

A great chat with Shevonne Hunt about magpies, magpiealert and keeping our kids safe.

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Swooping season as feathered protectors get dangerous

SPRING is in the air, but that means the maggies are too...

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Spring's not all sunshine and picnics – it's also cowering in constant fear of swooping magpies. Luckily a new interactive map is here to help protect us from our bird overlords....

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MagpieAlert speaks to

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Paul Dowsley 7 News Melbourne - Nightmare: magpies recognise their victims

Two TV news interviews for MagpieAlert in one day! New Australian research shows magpies recognise their victims and have favourites to attack. Paul Dowsley reports.

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Paul Dowsley 9 News Brisbane - Nightmare: magpies recognise their victims

Two TV news interviews for MagpieAlert in one day! New Australian research shows magpies recognise their victims and have favourites to attack. Paul Dowsley reports.

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Media goes wild when Associate Professor Darryl Jones' research indicates magpies target individuals

Research from Griffith University Associate Professor Jones has revealed what many have long feared - magpies pick on particular people.

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