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How to cable tie your cycling helmet..


Thanks to Alan who added a recent article to the website called: Cable Ties Rock! You've inspired me to add cable ties to my Specialized Cycling helmet in preparation for tomorrow's ride!

Step 1 - Go and buy some long cable ties and find your cycling helmet

1 Packet of cable ties

So off I trotted to that well known hardware store and picked up a packet of 30cm cable ties.

Next find your helmet, not difficult really.

Now I'm worried that I'll never see my lid the same way ever again. Ah well, if it means that I don't get pecked it will be worth it. Lots of questions go through my head like will the ties impact my aerodynamics (probably)..

My Specialized cycling helmet before customising..

Step 2 - Design: Cue the confused looking bloke.

Confused Jonny!

Now, what design should I go for?

Should I go for a mega mohawk? Naaa I couldn't afford all the cable ties :-)

I think I'll go for the scientific approach or should I just plaster them everywhere? Science!

As it's widely believed that the birds only attack from behind I think I should do something resembling a porcupine shaking it's rear end..

Positioning ties

Step 3 - Fix: Position and fasten your cable ties

My Specialized cycling helmet is now looking pretty mean, at least I hope to our black and white feathered fiends.

et Voila! The helmet is now pocupinized up!

Specialized Cycling Helmet from the side
Specialized Cycling Helmet Looking Pretty Mean

I will try it out tomorrow and let you know how I get on!

Well I tried it out did it work?...

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