Swooping Magpie Attack Map across New South Wales for 2018

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Magpie attack on Cyclist - 7 Elizabeth MacArthur Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153
Heading north on bike path alongside Old Windsor Road (near Francesco Crescent Reserve) first swoop clipped back of helmet and nipped me on the left ear (drawing blood). Magpie made about another 4 swoops as I rode slowly/walked out of the area. The Strava segment makes reference to the swooping magpie.

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Magpie attack on Walker - 17 Petersham St, Petersham NSW 2049
Two magpies took turns diving close to my face, while I was sitting on a bench at Quinn Playground. I didn't know about swooping so I thought it was accidental at first and when they kept doing it I tried to shoo them away which made them way more aggressive and basically swooped every 5 seconds after that. I tried looking at them to scare them off, but I couldn't keep my eyes on both of them at the same time. I don't understand though, swooping season should be over.

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798 Results

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