Swooping Magpie Attack Map across Victoria for 2018

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Magpie attack on Cyclist - 86 Dandelion Dr, Rowville VIC 3178
Cycling north to work in the morning and the magpie swooped from behind. He attacked my ear 3 times, with a 'song' after each clip. There are a lot of magpies on this road, but the ones further south aren't bothered by people. I hadn't seen magpies in this specific spot before, as I have actually been purposely keeping a watchful eye for their nesting areas, and this wasn't one I knew about.

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Magpie attack on Cyclist - 6 Devenish Rd, Boronia VIC 3155
I was cycling from Devenish into Haering Rd. I got swooped by a magpie 3 times. The first time right at the intersection and twice more further down Haering Rd. This was probably over a distance of 100m

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380 Results


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