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Do Maggies swoop at sunset or at night?


I'm prepared to do more night riding if it means avoiding those testosterone-infused dive bombers. Has anyone out there been swooped at night? I'm a 55-year-old man who still has episodes of being curled up in the fetal position in the shower remembering an attack when I was 10yo. It was like an attack from the movie 'Birds'.

Ditch the CABLETIES!!!


When I ride, I never wear cable ties, instead I listen to the Chirp of the magpie, they make a sound before they attack, the sound is very loud, I listen to my rock music in my headphones and still hear it. Here's what to do when you hear the chirp:

1. Pause your music

2. Locate the Magpies with your eyes

3. Get of the bike and walk it

4. While walking stare at the magpie the whole time, DO NOT take your eyes of it.

5. When your 50-80m away from it, get back on your bike slowly and ride

Attacks and councils


The tragic death of a child after it fell when its mother was attacked in a park in Brisbane reminds us that being attacked by magpies is highly distressing for some people. In an earlier era before almost universal car ownership, and far more adults, particularly mothers and older people walked around councils and territory governments used to get rid of the minority of magpies that were attacking people. We live in a more sentimental age where most people drive or are driven everywhere and people imagine magpies are a part of our natural landscape. In reality they thrive in the tree'd urban. garden rich in meat that is of our own creation. They are beautiful birds with a beautiful sound, but they should not be allowed to cause distress and force people to give up walking or cycling where they need to go. If there are magpies seriously disturbing your life or that of others, don't settle for a sign that will just encourage people to drive or drive their kids instead . Get council to move them before someone is hurt, and if there is resistance remind them of the child in Brisbane,. .

3d printed bike helmet bird spikes


After discovering the joy of swooping birds I decided to discourage the little avians after seeing a similar home made effort. Seems to have worked the last two times through a known danger zone. You can also download and print it yourself from here:


Yeppoon Cycling Tips And Tricks


When you are cycling in Yeppoon, there are two vicious magpies swooping

1. Towards the roundabout, in the trees

2. At the public access to the beach

Here are three tips to stop them killing you when you are riding...

Do Magpies Swoop In The Rain?


I love my riding and this year I seem to be a magpie magnet. I was hit four times last weekend. It was a constant ambush on the back of the helmet. I found that playing music out loud on my phone sort of worked. But anyway, any experience on magpies swooping in the rain?

Tomorrow is forecast to be heavy rain, now that doesn't bother me, but does it bother the magpies? I cannot find anything online about it. Do people have experience of magpies in the rain?

Need some advise



We have a really aggressive magpie near our house and it swoops real bad. I have tried everything that I have seen on this site but nothing has stopped it swooping us. I have got quite a large phobia of magpies, spring or not, and I really need something to stop it or I won’t be able to enjoy riding. If anyone has anything, absolutely anything, that could help, can you please write it in the comments.

Thanks, cha cha



My suggestion is for cyclists mainly but it could work for walkers if they wear a brimmed hat which I do when bushwalking. Apparently walkers are less likely to be attacked as we cyclists are being advised to walk our bikes through the danger area....

How to stay one step ahead of a potential bird attack


One thing that has helped me with a warning of a magpie present is that on a clear day you can see its reflection on the road surface which can be invaluable as it can buy you some time that's if it does decide to swoop.

It may just give you that one vital second or two to see the sign & take cover.



Best defence against magpies.


Safety tip: On my property which is large, I've fed the magpies regularly and they have no issues with me (trust has been gained). However, it's a different story when they don't know you. Crazy helmet designs just seem to make them more anxious that you are a threat. An umbrella seems to work the best as they cannot see you (the threat) from behind and they wont attack from the front. Has taken 4 years to work this out sadly via trial & error, but it's about the most efficient way of not being attacked!

This year's helmet config


From filming several attacks last year with a GoPro on my helmet pointing backwards, most magpies came in fast from behind and slightly to one side, aiming for one of my ears....

Afro & cable-tie combo wins out!


Day 1 of our stay in the Hunter Valley, went out for a ride but was cut short when just outside of the resort I was aggressively swooped by a magpie several times....

Zipties rock!


Was swooped twice this morning at a known magpie hotspot in St. Lucia, Brisbane, but the zipties on my helmet prevented it from making contact.

I have footage from the GoPro on my helmet, if there\'s somewhere I can post it.

So far 100% success but plastic spikes.


Me and my kids love Aug/Sept time for riding our bikes because of the temperature.

We often can't because of magpies swooping. We are riding bikes and waving a stick is dangerous. I have read of kids getting run over because of this in their panic.

Also kids losing eye site from maggies. ...

Scatter dry cat or dog food can help


If you frequent an area where you get swooped take a handful of small dog or cat biscuits and scatter them as you go past. If the magpies recognise you as a food source you will not be treated as a threat. ...

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