Please donate to keep running!

If you have used the Magpie Alert service and found it useful keeping you & your families safe and want to see the service running next year then please donate a small amount.

Many of you may be surprised to find that isn't a charity or a business with corporate backing but a service created and funded by one man, me, Jon Clark. Although this swooping season we have had a record number of swoops along with a growing number of you using the service, sadly hasn't received enough donations required to keep the service running for another year. So if you'd like to see this service running next year then I'm therefore asking you to please donate a small sum.

What will your very kind donations go towards?

  • The increasing service running costs, with many people using the service then that means an increasing number of IT systems needed to run it without loss of service.
  • Keeping the service secure, SSL certificates ensure the website serves secure content and the Google maps and location services remain operational.
  • Providing service improvements for the many, many requests received this year!
  • Just simply for you to say "Thank You" for the service by buying me a beer.
  • Not to forget a nice bunch of flowers for my wife who I've been ignoring in the evenings for the past couple of months while I support, improve the service, approve your swoops and respond to your queries :-)

Many thanks and advance, Jon Clark

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