This year's helmet config


From filming several attacks last year with a GoPro on my helmet pointing backwards, most magpies came in fast from behind and slightly to one side, aiming for one of my ears.

So this year I've re-positioned the zipties on either side, pointing backwards, with the flashing lights as low as possible. These are push to operate, so when entering a known swooping area, I can reach up and turn them on.

It seems to be working. I was swooped this morning, but the magpie veered off and gave up.

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Stephen Fox picture

Stephen Fox - August 21st, 2022

Yes, the magpie attacks on me have gone for the ears. They are really quite skillful: even avoiding cable ties I have on the back and sides of the helmet but maybe yours were longer? No easy solutions as far as I can work out - beyond avoidance.

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