Ditch the CABLETIES!!!


When I ride, I never wear cable ties, instead I listen to the Chirp of the magpie, they make a sound before they attack, the sound is very loud, I listen to my rock music in my headphones and still hear it. Here's what to do when you hear the chirp:

1. Pause your music

2. Locate the Magpies with your eyes

3. Get of the bike and walk it

4. While walking stare at the magpie the whole time, DO NOT take your eyes of it.

5. When your 50-80m away from it, get back on your bike slowly and ride

AMA picture

AMA - October 19th, 2022

Mine made his noise after the swoop today.

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Amy - October 3rd, 2022

I thought I contact makes them want to swoop more? Although I’ll try anything as it’s on my way to work and I have no choice!
Darren Steffen picture

Darren Steffen - October 3rd, 2022

not all magpies make a sound before they attack. Some do, but I've experienced quite a few silent assassins.

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Rain S - September 26th, 2021

Even when I look constantly at the bird, he still defends his family.
Ben White picture

Ben White - September 26th, 2021

This is good advice....eye contact (eyen through sun/glasses) is the key here.

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