Attacks and councils


The tragic death of a child after it fell when its mother was attacked in a park in Brisbane reminds us that being attacked by magpies is highly distressing for some people. In an earlier era before almost universal car ownership, and far more adults, particularly mothers and older people walked around councils and territory governments used to get rid of the minority of magpies that were attacking people. We live in a more sentimental age where most people drive or are driven everywhere and people imagine magpies are a part of our natural landscape. In reality they thrive in the tree'd urban. garden rich in meat that is of our own creation. They are beautiful birds with a beautiful sound, but they should not be allowed to cause distress and force people to give up walking or cycling where they need to go. If there are magpies seriously disturbing your life or that of others, don't settle for a sign that will just encourage people to drive or drive their kids instead . Get council to move them before someone is hurt, and if there is resistance remind them of the child in Brisbane,. .


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