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A study on the efficacy of helmet adornments in repelling magpies.


A short video on the study done by the National Injury Surveillance Unit of Flinders University


Note from Editor: Thanks Tooraj for your contribution. This short video has done the rounds a bit since it was published 4 years ago and shouldn't be copied at home. There have been many documented cases of cyclists and members of the public suffering injuries due to not wearing a lid.

Did my cable tied cycling helmet work?


Well did my cable tied helmet work? Having been attacked the previous week I'm not afraid to admit that I was a wee bit hesitant!

So ignoring the fact that I look like a bit of a numpty, will dressing like an echidna really work? ...

Cable Ties Rock!


Not as drastic as the mohawk helmet on your home page, but I use 3 or 4 (depending on which helmet) 300mm cable ties on my helmet and I have not been hit by magpies since.

They will still swoop, but they don't actually hit my helmet or head - I sometimes see their shadow or hear a flutter, that's all :) ...

34 Results


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